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ℑ'𝔪 𝔫𝔬𝔱 𝔞 𝔥𝔲𝔪𝔞𝔫, 𝔱𝔥𝔦𝔰 𝔦𝔰 𝔧𝔲𝔰𝔱 𝔞 𝔡𝔯𝔢𝔞𝔪 𝔞𝔫𝔡 𝔰𝔬𝔬𝔫 ℑ 𝔴𝔦𝔩𝔩 𝔴𝔞𝔨𝔢.


make me sad, make me mad

make me sad, make me mad

make me feel alright?



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— happy birthday taeyong, our hardworking, precious, skilled, charismatic leader taeyong!

i love you so much and thank you for everything you do. for you, id walk across a thousand seas, and go to the night sky and gather all the stars and moons and lay them at your feet. id climb up any mountain and any ladder, so never fear and keep running towards your dream because i will do everything that is in my power to help you achieve it.

today is the blessed day you were born, and thank you so much for makng the world brighter one smile at a time, and for existing. and i hope that at least, for today, you lavish yourself and do things you want to do, and only things you want to do and drink lots of yogurt smoothies, and eat a lot of sweets and delicious foods and sweet potato snacks! i admire how hard you work and thank you for comforting many with your kind words and insights! im so amazed by your ethereal and lovely self and also how you constantly desire to improve, and you do inspire many. i love you and thank you dearly.

(ps: if you read everything i love you like ;;)

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Anonymous asked:

Oooh you went to Neocity right? I’d love to hear descriptions of the boys in the words of a writer 🥰

omg this sounds fun !!! ok before i start this i just wanna say this is from what i personally saw when i saw them live. i was relatively close to the stage, enough to make eye contact and to be waved at, so i’ll do my best!!

taeyong: seeing him in real life was a little surreal because he looks exactly how he does in pictures and videos which is already jarring because he’s already really beautiful through those. he has really big, expressive eyes and the warmest smile; every time he would look at the audience he’d have this small smile that looked like pride. it was really really heartwarming to see. he has such a calming, relaxed and cute aura durings ments but once he started to perform... whew! his head also really big, honestly a lot of their heads were really big in real life which is adorable idjdjddk, but yeah!! i made eye contact with him a number of times and you would think his gaze would be intimidating but it really really wasnt! the only word i can describe the feeling i got from him is motherly :(

johnny: first and foremost, i do not believe that he’s 6’1... that man is gigantic. his proportions are so good, his leg to chest ratio is so... [chef’s kiss]. what you see of him in videos is truly what he is in real life, he’s so goofy and funny and lively and he always encouraged other members to do their thing as well. he’s honestly so hilarious too which makes me sad because it makes me feel like we’d get along really well if i knew him personally ... man i just wanna be his bff. but yeah he’s really tall, like towering over the other members tall; even taller than jungwoo, who was surprisingly tall as well. maybe it’s just me because i’m really short. he also has a small face in real life, but at the same time his features are so expressive that you dont even realize it haha. but yeah he’s just a happy, talented, gentle giant.

jungwoo: if i could describe jungwoo in one word it would be cherub-like. he literally has the softest features ever and he moves so gracefully, he literally glowed on stage and it was kinda shocking really. he was also really tall omg, like i was expecting it anyways since i knew that he’s around 6ft, but like... he’s REALLY tall. he has the SOFTEST, most honey-like voice but he speaks with so much confidence, it’s so so so cute and made me so happy. he also has really fluffy hair, like even from my seat i could see how soft and light his hair was; every movement he made that night just made his hair whip around really easily, like even if it was bleached you really couldn’t tell because his hair didn’t look fried at all. all in all jungwoo was truly angel-like and very graceful.

taeil: oh man taeil is beautiful on screen and through pictures already but in person he glows 100x more. he has really, really pretty skin that made him shine under the spotlight and his jawline is REALLY sharp omg. he’s also really short (which i was expecting... probably still taller than me though) and has a big head hehe. he’s also one of the members that had a really calming, nurturing energy, during the ments he would literally have heart eyes full of pride when he’d look at the audience, it was really really heartwarming. a GOOD butt. also his vocals are so, so, sooo good and very stable - there was one point (i think it was back 2 u(?) i can’t remember anything from that night other than my videos) where he used his headvoice for the highnote and not falsetto and it floored me - i’m a classically trained vocalist so you bet i freaked out in the audience. but yeah, taeil is just really calming and nurturing and REALLY funny too :(

yuta: yuta honestly shocked me because although i knew that he’s baby from interviews and other clips, i was still somehow intimidated by him, but when i saw them live he really stomped on my intimidation. he literally has the most fresh, most positive, most genuinely kind energy i’ve literally ever felt :( he had the biggest smile throughout the night, every time i’d look at him he’d just be grinning from ear to ear. “healing smile” doesn’t even come close to describing how GOOD his smile is in real life. he’s also short, something i really wasn’t expecting, like a good 2nd or 3rd shortest - really really REALLY funny too and a REALLY good dancer, i got some of his freestyle dance on camera and every time i watch it, i’m floored bc he hits every beat on the spot. i made eye contact with him at one point and i remember feeling just so happy and at peace, like... he’s not intimidating at all... he’s just a happy boy :(

mark: ohh mark... i see mark as a childhood friend so when he came out on stage i literally felt tears spring in my eyes. i live in vancouver and saw them in vancouver so i feel like that kinda intensified it a bit more as well. he is SOOOOOO undeniably funny its crazy, throughout the night i’d just be laughing at things he’d say (that were intended to be humourous ofc). his head also really big omg it was kinda jarring, and taller than i expected. his stage presence is so good, everytime they’d perform my eyes would sometimes land on him, literally SO good. honestly, when i walked into that venue i was expecting him to cry which i feared for because when someone cries, then i cry, but he didn’t!! although after the concert ended, when they were saying their goodbyes, they left mark alone to say his own goodbyes and when he was doing so, his voice kinda cracked before he did this bow and his eyes were a little glossy and i got SO SCARED because i didn’t wanna cry rkdndkdndk but yeah :( im proud of mark and you can tell that he holds pride in what he does as well!

donghyuck: MAN... donghyuck literally has the most beautiful skin i’ve ever seen. i know i’ve said this before but he glows, like he literally glows, fullsun is an appropriate nickname for him. he emitted nothing else but cute, happy, mischeviohs energy during ments but once he started performing his vibe changed so drastically it was crazy - especially during wake up and baby don’t like it. there was one part during baby don’t like it when he pressed his forehead against taeil’s and when i tell you how much i lost it because i wasn’t expecting it... oh man. i also see donghyuck as a best friend; i was born a week before he was and our natal charts are exactly the same save for our moons, so seeing him rip it up on stage was so so soo good it made me so proud :( i made eye contact with him somewhere during summer 127?? I WAS SO HAPPY AFTER like it was refreshing omg i sound so silly but im telling the truth iddndkjd he’s also shockingly tall as well, around mark’s height, maybe even taller, and REALLY long legs. like a good 90% of his body was made of leg didjdjdjd but yeah donghyuck is just... he’s really the sun and he was meant to perform.

doyoung: i will start this off by saying; i left that venue as a doyoungzen. doyoung... whew... he also shocked me because through videos and pictures i was NEVER intimidated by him at all, i honestly genuinely always just saw him as cute baby but man oh man. you know when you just KNOW that someone’s rich by the way they hold themselves? that’s doyoung... he’s really regal-like and holds himself really gracefully, like a strict prince type. he intimidated me SO much that night (in the best way possible... sexy intimidation... dont worry) like his energy was just so... intense. i made eye contact with him a number of times and when i tell you how SMALL i felt just from meeting his eyes... my goodness. he has really broad shoulders and a tiny waist, also really tall, small-ish head. his features are REALLY sharp like it’s crazy, i really have no other way to explain it. he also has really pretty hands, nimble-looking fingers. he was really adorable during ments and at one point kept hopping which was so CUTE but even then... man. his energy is just really intense. i ended up making him one of my ults after i left the venue.

jaehyun: deep inhale... so. jaehyun. honestly its kinda silly because i can remember so many details from the other members but i feel like once it comes to jaehyun i’m at a loss of words because of how in SHOCK i was to see him up close bc as you all know he’s my ultimate bias, it was my three years with him a few weeks ago. but gosh... jaehyun... i really can’t see the whole “cold prince” image they give him bc he’s so chill and relaxed? ok wow a few memories are coming to mind now; he has a really big head, which i was expecting because i’ve seen people talk about how big his head is but yeah it’s big but it’s CUTE he’s just a little bobblehead :( i made so much eye contact with him that night too and god like. i got some of those moments on camera and you can see through the videos how i’d just FREEZE every time we jefkenfkd he’s just... really chill, really relaxed, let the other members do their thing, but at the same time really silly and had this aura of confidence which was really nice. a lil shorter than i expected omg but his skin was reeallllyyyy nice and he’s very pale irl omg. he waved at me and my friend at the end of the show and i also got it on video and like... every time i watch it its just so surreal cuz like ... 😭 LIKE WHAT NOW how am i supposed to live the rest of my life now knowing i reached my peak at neocity like .... bruh

all in all these boys are just so talented and have the best stage presence ever, and they’re super SUPER interactive with the fans. beingin the crowd during touch and replay was just so... nice :( it was truly one of the happiest moments in my life and i hope that they come back soon !!! i also hope that the next time i see them, winwin is part of 127 again as well :( and lastly, i also hope that whoever is reading this sees them in the future as well bc u deserve it!!!

— happy birthday jaemin, our lovable, considerate, precious, self-proclaimed snowball jaemin!! 

i love you so much and thank you for everything you do. for you, id walk across a thousand seas, and go to the night sky and gather all the stars and moons and lay them at your feet. id climb up any mountain and any ladder, so never fear and keep running towards your dream because i will do everything that is in my power to help you achieve it.

today is the blessed day you were born, and thank you so much for makng the world brighter one smile at a time, and for existing. and i hope that at least, for today, you lavish yourself and do things you want to do, and only things you want to do and drink lots of potato pizzas, green tea, eight-shot americanos, fried chicken, peaches, honey tteokbokki, and ramen heaped with cilantro! i admire your quiet determination and elegance, and how you're so resilient. i hope you can take a lot of photos, collect even more ryans and have a even brighter year than your last year, and don't even come close to artificial strawberry flavored foods or drinks. i love you and thank you dearly.

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ignore me - rafe cameron

you’re mad at Rafe for fighting, so you give him the silent treatment. rafe has to resort to desperate measures to get you to stop ignoring him.

Prompt: NSFW Person B is mad at Person A, and is being very stubborn about it, ignoring them completely no matter what. Person A has tried everything to make it up to them, and as a last resort, wraps their arms around Person B and starts whispering dirty things to them in hopes of make up sex. Bonus points if they do end up having sex but Person B just goes back to ignoring Person A right afterward. (prompt from neocities OTP prompt generator)

warnings: smutty smut smut (sorry not sorry)

pairing: rafe cameron x reader

word count: 3.1k

a/n: oops, enjoy some shameless smut. if this flops i will delete lol

You’re fucking mad.

Tossing Rafe’s right hand off its usual position of gripping your thigh on the drive home mad. Slamming the car door and storming inside before slamming that door too mad. Grabbing your clothes, changing in the bathroom and slipping into the guest bedroom before locking the door mad. Ignoring Rafe’s numerous muffled apologies through the door, through texts and calls and even a hastily written note slipped under the door mad.

You’re so mad you lie awake alone, under a comforter that feels too heavy and scratchy, angrily tossing and turning before finally passing out from the exhaustion of being so mad rather than swallow your pride and sleep beside Rafe as you have almost every other night.

You don’t know how it’s possible but somehow, you’re even angrier when you wake up. Maybe it’s the dozens of voicemails and texts, or the pile of letters shoved under the guest room door. Maybe it’s the realization that no matter how many times you tell the boy that you hate it when he gets into a fight with someone, he just can’t help himself.

Here’s something I put together for the Sim Archive Project. A few huge zip files of custom content for The Sims from abandoned personal websites. It’s got some really quality lost content. A lot of super cute pet skins, homes, animations, outfits, and a lot more!

The .ZIP files are separated by CC type (objects, clothes, mods, etc). This is all TS1 stuff but I’ll probably be doing the same thing with abandoned TS2/TS3 sites as well!